At HXOUSE, we knew the system was broken, we needed to envision solutions that are as wide-spread as the problems themselves. No one should be denied a fair shot at success, and the need to address this issue has never been more clear. With this in mind, we introduce BLACK HXOUSE — A holistic, long-term sustainable approach to solving a variety of complex issues to create permanent lasting change for BIPOC individuals.
In the past, we’ve continued to see the creation of various “charitable giving” initiatives that failed to address the issues at hand, and throwing good money at a broken system will not create new solutions. Isolated, transactional engagements are band-aid solutions incapable of addressing the severity of this problem. Instead, we are looking to bring together a coalition of partners to support and participate in a commitment to long-term change.
Economic oppression is real, and racism is a worldwide phenomenon. Lack of opportunity and lack of clear economic pathways remain the outcomes of a system that makes assumptions about people based on the color of their skin and not their merit that has led to disastrous consequences.
Since 2018 HXOUSE has been convening various public-facing conversations, workshops, and exclusive internal programming to both global and local communities. At our core, we stand in supporting the development of the economic growth of the most vulnerable communities. In that spirit, we continue to trailblaze a new path, building a new disruptive ecosystem that creates a culture that supports BIPOC individuals’ long-term advancement in society.
BLACK HXOUSE sets off on its mission to empower BIPOC Individuals with mentorship, tools, learning opportunities, network, and the freedom they need to activate their talent. Our goal is to translate this into a sustainable career that promotes industry innovation and diverse representation across multiple sectors.
In our inaugural year, BLACK HXOUSE will be directing its focus on creating economic opportunities for the BIPOC community through our exclusive programs. We believe that we can create foundational change through supporting existing audiences and community groups by providing services and products dedicated to advancing the success and betterment of the lives of individuals in BIPOC communities.
Our mission is to deliver world-class resources and mentoring to enable BIPOC individuals to reach their full potential and overcome the historical barriers that have created a disadvantage when it comes to equal economic achievements and opportunities at a disproportionate rate.
We set out in crafting original advanced programming that is essential to the needs of the participants who are redefining the perceptions and misconceptions of BIPOC leadership in business every day.
This will include, training programs, toolkits, workshops, speaker series, and networking events that will bring together the best business leaders to allow our participants the ability to engage our world-class faculty. This creates advanced competitive applicants who are one step closer to achieving their personal economic goals.
BLACK HXOUSE Women’s Program - is a specialized leadership and skills development initiative - for women of color, specifically black women. This program was created to ensure that women of color, who are often under-represented across most industries have the same access to the training and resources needed to remain competitive as young professionals. One of our missions is to empower young women of color with the tools, learning opportunities, mentorship, network, and freedom they need to activate the talent and translate it into a sustainable career that promotes industry innovation and diverse representation.
As we start to see growth from our participants exiting our program, we are looking for a commitment from all of our partners to complete one of BLACK HXOUSE’s core pillar commitments — our mentorship program. We advise our partners to hire from our pre-existing application pool and applicants entering BLACK HXOUSE through new initiatives. Such hiring includes paid internships, long term contracts, or vendors for procurement opportunities.
We aim to create a well-produced digital content series that will feature inspiring BIPOC stories of individuals working every day on achieving their entrepreneurial goals. We will then use these stories to show the importance of supporting all communities and embracing originality to make society as a whole, better.